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Our Staff


YMCA staff are committed to serving you and your family. That's why we strive to both model and exemplify the Y's core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

Jon started his Y career in 1989 at the Camp Classen YMCA in Oklahoma. He has over 20+ years of experience in YMCA Camping. Jon received his B.S. degree in Psychology and is a certified Senior Director with YMCA of the USA. Jon became the Metro Camping Director for the Wichita YMCA in 2000 where he oversees daily operations at Camp Hyde with Summer Camps/Rentals for School, Church & Corporate Groups/Family events and the Summer Day Camps/School Day Out programs.

Gregg, better known as Scrappy, has been the assistant director at Camp Hyde for eight years. His youngest daughter gave Scrappy's camp name to him when he came to a family cookout at Camp Hyde to meet Scooby's family. Scrappy worked at two YMCA summer day camps in Oklahoma City area when he was in college. He has been a history teacher for 25 years and the past 18 years has coached football at Conway Springs High School. Outside of camp, Scrappy enjoys hunting, reading, and playing golf.

My name is Austin, and this is my 8th year of working with children from all different backgrounds, and in all different settings. During the school year, I am the school counselor at Wheatland Elementary in Andover, KS. During the summer, I change outfits and become the behavioral therapist at Camp Hyde (this will be my 4th summer). I return to Camp Hyde because of the amazing kids we have, the awesome experiences that I get to be part of, and the opportunity to work with some of the best staff around. My favorite thing at camp to do with the kids is....anything! I love to jump-in and enjoy all activities with the kids. Being able to step outside of myself and my comfort zone allows to to garner great experiences at camp which is my ultimate goal. I am looking forward to having an awesome summer!!

My name is Josh, and I've worked with the Y for 7 years in the STARS program and SACC program. I've worked at Hyde for 4 years as a group leader and the Climbing Tower Coordinator. My favorite thing about working with kids is watching them face their fears and then eventually conquer them.

My name is Kayla, and this summer will be my 4th year working at Camp Hyde as a lifeguard. I continue to come back to camp because of the relationships I have made over the years with staff members and especially the kids! My favorite part about camp is how much fun we have and seeing how the kids grow over the summer. I’m excited to see what this summer has in-store -I know it will be great! I'm currently studying elementary education at KSU. During the school year I work as a preschool teacher aide.

My name is Nick, and this will be the 4th summer that I have spent at Camp Hyde and I am just as excited as ever to be able to come back! I am returning to camp because every summer I have so much fun, meeting all the new kids that come through the gates and catching up with the returning campers. My favorite thing about camp is learning from the kids, after three summers I still find myself learning new things all the time.

My name is Victoria, and I'm very excited to be working at Camp Hyde for my first summer! You could say that I grew up at camp. I started going to resident camp in 3rd grade, became a counselor-in-training in high school, and I've been a counselor and camp counselor coordinator for the past 5 years. I've also been a high/low ropes course facilitator and canoe instructor. I'm definitely an outdoorsy person -I love everything at camp and believe that it's the best place to learn and grow. Some of my best memories are making new friends around the campfire. I'm a lifetime Girl Scout and have volunteered with numerous organizations with children and youth since early high school. Can't wait to meet all of you this summer at camp!

My name is Claire, and I've been working with kids for about 6 years, including summer mission trips, elementary tutoring, and Sunday school teaching. This is my 2nd year at Camp Hyde working with the Pathfinders. I'm coming back to camp because of the family that you create with the rest of the staff and the kids. We work hard, play hard, and love each other a lot. My favorite thing about camp would probably be the down time to build relationships and hear about the kids' lives, whether it's at lunch or hair-braiding in the shade in between games. They definitely teach me as much as I teach them!

My name is Brett and this will be my 10th summer at Camp Hyde. I’m currently a middle school teacher in Haysville. I have worked with Pathfinders for 4 years, sports camp for 1 year, Tower coordinator for 2 years and this will be my third year with the teens. My favorite thing about camp is having kids step out of their norm and try new things every day.

My name is Dana, and I have worked with kids of all ages for about ten years now. I started working with kids at a neighborhood summer camp and continued refereeing basketball, volleyball, soccer, and football at the YMCA. This year will be my 4th summer at Camp Hyde. I'm returning to camp this summer because I really enjoy camp and working with the kids there. My favorite thing about camp is being able to teach kids, while learning from them as well because each summer for me has been an incredible learning experience.

My name is Dixie, and I have worked at Camp Hyde for 3 summers being a Wrangler. I have been around children ever since I was young because I have three younger sisters and I have done a lot of babysitting. I am returning to Camp Hyde because I love working with the kids and teaching them how to ride and care for the horses. My favorite thing to do with the kids, besides ride horses, is to go down the wet willie, it's such a blast! I'm currently a sophomore at Kansas State University where I am studying animal science.

My name is Lauren, and this will be my 4th year at Camp Hyde. I have been in Frontier Camp every year, and love getting to see campers blossom into confident horse-riders as the summer progresses. I have worked with kids since I was 15 years old, and am currently the director of an After School Care site in my college town. I am returning to camp for a 4th summer because I truly enjoy working with kids in such a fun setting. I remember how much I loved summer camp as a kid, and I want to help today's youth to have the wonderful camp experiences that I had!