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Martial Arts

Give your family the best opportunity to reach their potential! At the Y, you will not only learn skills, but also build self-confidence and character.





Beginners martial arts class featuring plenty of individual instruction. Increase strength, flexibility, balance and coordination while learning self-defense skills.

Ages 5-7 | North, Northwest, South YMCAs

Family-oriented traditional Okinawa class for all levels.

Little Warriors (ages 4-7): Your child will develop character, confidence, self-esteem, concentration, physical awareness and good sportsmanship in this excellent activity for boys and girls.

Family Shorin-Ryu (ages 8+): Discover karate as a family, and learn self-defense techniques, throws, kata, and more as you improve concentration, coordination, reflexes and overall health.

Ages 4 & up | East & North YMCAs

Improve confidence, self-esteem, coordination, self-control and discipline by learning this Korean martial art and official Olympic sport. Includes stretching, kicks, forms and practical self-defense.

Ages 8 & up | Andover, Downtown, Farha Sport Center, West YMCAs