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Camp Parent Information


YMCA Summer Day Camp - 12 Weeks! 11 locations! Tons of adventure!

  • Weekly camps available May 21 – August 10

  • Meets Monday – Friday, enroll by week

  • Full Day Camps meet 6:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., 10 locations
    (NOTE: Children may not attend more than 10 hours per day)

  • Half-Day Specialty Camp meets 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the West YMCA

  • Ages: completed kindergarten – 16 (varies by location)

  • Fees vary, please see chart

CAMPS     Member Non-Member Member Non-Member per week
Camp Hyde Traditional, Sport, & Teen
*pricing includes transportation
    $150* $170* $130 $150 $15
Frontier at Camp Hyde
*pricing includes transportation
    $220* $240* $200 $220 $50
2-wk Specialty Teen at Camp Hyde
*pricing includes transportation
    $300* $340* $280 $320 $30
Adventure & Farha Sport     $125 $145     $15
Special Interest at Bel Aire
*pricing varies per wk based on activity
    $140-$155* $160-$175*     $15
1/2 Day Camp at West YMCA
*pricing varies per wk based on activity
    $90-$100 $110-$120     $15
Kiddie Camp     $160        
**Must have completed kindergarten to attend


*Don’t need bus transportation to Camp Hyde? Drop off at as early as 7:30am and pick up by 5:30 and receive a $20 discount on weekly fees


Specialty Camp fees vary by weekly themes. Other camps may have fees for additional add-on features like swim lessons. Visit ymcawichita.org/camp for complete details (in print). Click your camp option for complete details (online)

Adventure Camps / Specialty Camps / Camp Hyde / Camp Hyde Frontier /etc. 

YMCA Family Membership will save you money.

Save up to $20 per child each week of summer camp with a YMCA Family Membership! Y family members also receive discounted rates on youth sports, classes and before & after school child care, as well as unlimited use of all 9 Greater Wichita YMCA locations and 4 outdoor waterparks.

Camp discounts do not apply to individuals with YMCA Youth Memberships. Family Membership must be active during the full term of camp attendance to receive the discounted rates.

Income-based Financial Assistance available

The Y’s financial assistance program ensures that everyone can participate, regardless of their ability to pay. Confidential applications for assistance are available at ymcawichita.org or any Y location.


  • Before and after care is included in the price of camp. Before care starts at 6:30 a.m. and after care begins at 4:30 p.m. each day.(NOTE: Children may not attend more than 10 hours of camp per day)
  • Field trip costs are included in weekly camp fees
  • Breakfast and afternoon snack are provided by the YMCA; CHILDREN MUST BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH DAILY
  • All camps will operate, rain or shine. Daily activities may be modified due to weather. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN for missed activities.


  • Online enrollment forms must be complete prior to registration. (url for forms or link to forms)
  • A one-time $15 enrollment fee and indicated weekly deposits are required at registration. These fees are non-transferable and nonrefundable (no exceptions).
  • Registration closes at 10 PM on the Monday prior to camp.
  • Weekly fees are due for registered camps REGARDLESS OF ATTENDANCE
  • NO refunds will be given after registration closes. To cancel a registration and avoid charges, contact Child Care Accounts at 316.776.8842 or childcare@ymcawichita.org prior to the closing of registration.

Full enrollment instructions can be found here.


Camp fees must be paid in full by 10PM on the Monday of each camp week.

  • Avoid late fees, sign up for the convenient automated weekly BANK DRAFT option when you register
  • Easy and on your schedule – Pay ONLINE with Visa/MC/Discover through your YMCA account at ymcawichita.org. Credit cards are a one-time charge; no auto-pay option is available.
  • Pay at a YMCA LOCATION with cash, check, debit/credit card or money order
  • DCF Electronic Bank Transfer(EBT) payment accepted at any YMCA.
    • Need our provider ID? - Contact any YMCA or a child care accounts team member.
    • YMCA/EBT documentation form is required. Forms are available at any camp or YMCA location. (Note documentation of transferred funds, including the authorization number, are required as proof of payment and must be presented no later than the first day of camp.)
  • All balances not covered by 3rd party assistance (Family Fees) are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • For alternate payment arrangements, including 3rd party accounts such as foster care, please contact the YMCA Child Care Accounts to complete registration and set up payment schedules; 316.776.8842 or childcare@ymcawichita.org


  • $10.00 late fee, per week, is applied to all delinquent accounts (Full fee due Monday late fees applied on Tuesday)
  • If your payment is made after Monday, PROOF OF PAYMENT MUST BE PRESENTED TO THE ONSITE CAMP STAFF BY WEDNESDAY MORNING. Your child will not be allowed to attend, if fees have not been paid in full or other arrangements made prior to Wednesday morning of camp. Proof of payment is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and may include a paper receipt from the membership desk, email verification of on-line payment or an email from the YMCA Child Care Accounting team that verifies the account is paid in full.


Families are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-camp parent meetings for each location a child is scheduled to attend. Meeting provides detailed information about your camp locations, activities, policy review, and a chance for you to meet the camp staff and ask questions. Camp Hyde parent meetings are held at YMCA CAMP HYDE and include information about all drop-off locations. If you are unable to attend the schedule camp meeting for your child’s location or locations please contact Jon McReynolds at jon@ymcawichita.org

Don’t forget to check out Camp Hyde Family Overnight, Frontier Camp Overnight, Summer Rodeos and Family Day!

Too young for Camp? Check out our Kiddie Camp option for youth not yet completed kindergarten (4-5 years)


Please label all items with your camper’s full name.

  • Water Bottle
  • Swim Suit* and towel in a bag or backpack
  • Waterproof Sunscreen – make sure to apply before you arrive daily!
  • Nutritious Lunch - no other snacks please (campers do not have access to facilities to reheat food)
  • Closed-toe shoes - flip flops permitted in the pool area ONLY
  • Hats encouraged for sun protection
  • Wear your YMCA Camp shirt on Field Trip days!

*Girls must wear a one-piece suit or wear a t-shirt over their two-piece suit at all times


  • CELLULAR PHONES *Teens may be permitted to bring phones with prior approval from the Camp Hyde Director
  • Cameras, go-pros, electronic games, tablets, i-Pads or similar devices.
  • Games, toys or other personal items not pre-approved by the camp director.
  • All field trip costs are included in the weekly fee. Do not send money.
  • YMCA has a zero tolerance policy for real OR toy weapons, tobacco products, alcohol, and drugs of any kind. Violation of this policy will result in immediate termination from camp.

Youth that bring prohibited items, including cellular phones, will be required to turn them over to the camp staff and/or parents will be called to pick up items. Repeated violations may result in suspension or dismissal from the program. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.


Children with special medical, developmental, physical, and/or behavioral needs will be accepted into the program as deemed appropriate. The YMCA will make every effort to support all children’s needs and all reasonable accommodations will be made. Approval from the Child Care and Camp Branch Director, Andrea Eliot, is required prior to registration. Failure to obtain prior approval may result in suspension of care until the child’s needs are evaluated and/or accommodation can be arranged. Contact the Child Care and Camp Branch Director andrea.eliot@ymcawichita.org or YMCA Camp Senior Program Director jon@ymcawichita.org to schedule an appointment and/or discuss you child’s needs.


  • Children must be accompanied by an authorized adult upon arrival and departure
  • Children must be signed in and out of the program daily by their parent/guardian or authorized adult
  • Full signature of parent or guardian is required weekly to verify attendance
  • Parent/guardian or other authorized adult may be required to show PHOTO ID at pick up
  • Child may attend up to, but no more than, 10 hours of camp per day
  • Parents/guardians are welcome to visit camp at any time, please check in with staff upon arrival


  • Fee of $1.00 per minute is charged for children picked up AFTER 6:00 pm. The late fees are to be paid directly to camp staff in check or money order before the child can return to camp. Written receipt provided upon request.
  • Children remaining in the program after 7:00 PM with no communication from a parent or guardian will be released to child protective services. Every attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian and all other emergency contacts before 911 is called.
  • Chronic late pick up may result in dismissal from the program.


  • Daily outdoor activity schedules will be adjusted as appropriate when heat index reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Campers are given frequent water breaks. They are encouraged to bring water bottles and re-apply sunscreen throughout the day.


The YMCA follows KDHE guidelines for exclusion of children who are ill and/or show one or more sign or symptom of illness. While fever alone does not always indicate a serious condition, it is unreasonable and inappropriate for child care staff to determine this for participating children. This is the responsibility of the child’s legal guardian, with the help of the child’s health care provider. Parents/guardians will be notified anytime a child has a fever with or without additional symptoms.

Children will be excluded from the program when:

  1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in facility activities
  2. The illness results in a greater care need than the child care staff can provide without compromising the health and safety of other children; or
  3. The Child exhibits signs or symptoms of illness, including but not limited to the following:
  • Presence of a fever and other signs of illness or behavioral change
  • An acute change in behavior including lethargy, irritability, and/or persistent crying
  • Uncontrolled coughing, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, mouth sores, pink or red eyes
  • Untreated head lice, scabies, or other infestation


  • Children excluded for a fever must be fever free, without fever reducing medication, for 24 hours before returning to the program.
  • Ill children will be monitored and isolated with necessary supervisor, until a parent/guardian or other authorized adult picks up.
  • Parents/guardians should make arrangements to ensure prompt pick up within an hour of notification.
  • Parents/guardians are required to notify the program when a child is diagnosed with a communicable disease; a doctor’s release may be required to return to the program.
  • All families will be notified anytime a participant or staff has a confirmed communicable disease; confidentiality will be maintained. (Individuals will not be named)


  • If your child requires medication, we request that you set dosage intervals as to avoid or limit the need for administration during camp hours.
  • If medication must be administered during camp hours, the following applies
    • Discuss the need for medication with your site director or a member of our administrative team in advance to determine what forms and/or documentation will be needed.
    • Complete the appropriate KDHE medication authorization form, review with the program staff and include administration instructions that match the prescription or recommended dosages on the product.
    • Medication must be given directly to the camp staff in the original container, labeled with the child’s full name. If a prescription, include the full prescription label and instructions. A doctor’s note must be provided for all over the counter medication for which instructions and/or dosage does not match what is indicated on the product.  
    • Any child with a serious medical condition that requires special instructions, care, or treatment including but not limited to asthma, seizures, and diabetes will require a written plan and prior approval from the Camp Senior Program or Branch Director. (Please see “Special Needs Policy”)


  • All YMCA staff are certified in pediatric CPR/AED and basic First Aid
  • Minor injuries will be treated on site and parents will be informed at pick-up and/or provided an “ouch report”
  • Parents will be notified immediately of any serious injury or major emergency situation.
  • In accordance with the YMCA emergency procedures, 9-1-1 will be called prior to parent notification anytime a situation warrants.
  • YMCA staff will complete an incident/accident report on a KDHE form after the incident; a copy will be provided to the parent/guardian.


The Y’s philosophy on discipline is based on respect for the child’s self-esteem, setting reasonable limits, consequences, and encouraging increased self-discipline. All children will be expected to act in a manner that demonstrates the four YMCA character values of caring, respect, responsibility, and honesty.

  • The YMCA reserves the right to suspend and/or dismiss any child based the child’s actions and behaviors
  • Immediate suspension may occur if a child:
    • threatens harm to another
    • attempts to and/or strikes a staff member
    • demonstrates violence and/or aggressiveness
    • willfully leaves or does not return to the program area without permission from the staff
    • uses profanity
    • is verbally disrespectful to peers or adults
    • damages or takes the property of the program or others
    • refuses to comply with verbal directions from staff
    • in any way compromises their safety or the safety of others
  • The YMCA understands that from time to time all children need support and redirection. When consistent and/or escalating behavior compromise the staff’s ability to facilitate program activities and/or supervise the group, suspension from the program may be required until a conference with the family can be established and a plan for improvement implemented.
  • If a child’s behavior or actions cause destruction or damage to property, equipment, or the facility, the family will be held responsible for any and all costs for repair or replacement.
  • Refunds are not given when children are suspended or dismissed for inappropriate behavior.


  • Campers ride on a YMCA bus to and from all scheduled field trips
  • ALL campers in attendance must participate in the field trip; no child can remain at the camp during field trips
  • A field trip permission form is required and must be signed by the parent or guardian prior to the field trip
  • Field trip arrival and departure times will be posted at each camp location & included on the permission slip
  • YMCA busses will NOT wait for late arrivals


  • YMCA does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items
  • Each location will have a designated place for found items; these items are discarded or donated after a 2 week period


  • Each location has a cellular phone for messages and emergencies
  • Phones are not answered throughout the day but checked at the beginning and end of each camp day
  • Contact information for your child’s camp will be located at the parent table

To Reach the Child Care and Camp Branch Administrative Offices please call 316.264.1610

Branch Administrative Asst.: Jennifer Schell, Ext. 8251, jennifer.schell@ymcawichita.org

Camp Senior Program Director: Jon McReynolds, Ext. 8243, jon@ymcawichita.org

Child Care and Camp Branch Director: Andrea Eliot, Ext. 8241, andrea.eliot@ymcawichita.org

To reach Camp Hyde directly, please call 620.545.7290

For question regarding your account, enrollment, or child care records please contact Child Care Accounts at

316.776.8842  childcare@ymcawichita.org