Employee Wellness

Administrative support from the YMCA Corporate Service Team
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching at the worksite (frequency and time dependent on company size and needs)
Wellness program initiatives, including wellness challenges, workshops, incentive program development and management, wellness committee facilitation and more!
Wellness program marketing through the Better Today Campaign materials
Biometric screenings and health assessments
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The YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program takes behavior change to your worksite!

YMCA trained Coaches will visit with employees onsite during pre-determined days and times to work on health improvements through a convenient, confidential, and comfortable interaction with a health and wellness professional.  Employees are able to choose the behaviors or risk factors they wish to improve and work at their best pace to achieve long term improvements, instead of a quick fix.  YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaches promote and engage employees in worksite wellness initiatives and refer to additional health management programs and resources when necessary.

Our Coaches and Corporate Service team aid in the development and implementation of your worksite wellness plan to create a culture of wellness where the healthy choice can be the easy choice.  With local support and management, our team provides a one of a kind service.

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Help employees identify their risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers by offering on-site biometric health screenings and health assessments. The YMCA will coordinate and provide convenient, confidential employees screenings at your worksite. Screening values include Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Glucose, Blood Pressure, weight, and more. Health assessment is available to participants using online or paper questionnaire.

The YMCA also provides result-based coaching following the screening to help individuals understand their screening values and identifying areas of improvement to reduce their risk.

Aggregate reports are provided to the worksite to identify employee health needs and interest, as well as measure progress from year to year.

Contact the YMCA Community Health Coordinator, with questions or to get a cost proposal for your worksite’s needs: communityhealth@ymcawichita.org, 316-776-8183



Let the Y equip your employees with the tools to sift through the clutter and make positive life changes. Our Interactive Wellness Workshops are designed to provide participants with fresh wellness information and a plan for personal growth. In each workshop, the Y will present the topic of focus, facilitate group discussion and guide individual goal setting. Participants will identify areas to improve and possible obstacles to their success, set SMART goals, and make initial steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Contact Lianna Fry, YMCA Senior Program Director - Community Health, for more information | 316-776-8173

Corporate Challenge


Compete with other companies around the Wichita area on different aspects of health and wellness throughout the year. Choose one challenge or try them all! These challenges are designed to allow employees to take small steps toward their overall wellness goals, and develop new, lasting improvements. The winning company will be awarded the YMCA Traveling Corporate Trophy with the respective name engraved on the trophy, and a FREE week for employees and family member at the Greater Wichita YMCA.

Contact the YMCA Community Health Coordinator, for more information: communityhealth@ymcawichita.org, 316-776-8183

Disease Management


The YMCA offers a variety of Disease Management and prevention programs to supplement your worksite wellness program. Programs include:

To inquire about promoting these programs at your worksite or offering classes on-site, please contact Lianna Fry, 316-776-8173

To learn more about the YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program, contact Lianna Fry | 316-776-8173 | Email