Heart Rate Training

A new group exercise experience designed to bring the competitor out.

Track your fitness goals in real time while seeing if you measure up to other classmates. With live leaderboards you can see how you're improving and push yourself a little farther. View your heart rate, calories burned, and effort points and see how you stack up to the person beside you. These classes will bring out the competitor in you.

Pre registration is required. Must register 24 hours in advance and no more than one week prior to class start. Bring your own heart rate monitor, purchase one at the front desk.

Pre Registration Required

Create your Mind Body account TODAY to get started. If you're a previous group or personal training client, an account has already been created for you. Your password will be your initials, birth month, day and 2 digit year (EX: SM020292).

Heart Rate Cycle

Heart Rate Bootcamp

Heart Rate