To sign up for personal training, please contact the Fitness Director at your YMCA location or stop by the front desk. Your fitness director will pair you with a trainer as soon as possible to help you start on your road to success!

Or fill out of personal training interest form and we'll contact you. 

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Find a Personal Training Session

What To Expect

During your first personal training session, your trainer will conduct a fitness assessment and then design an exercise program with your specific abilities and goals in mind. 
Your trainer will help you perform the exercises correctly, efficiently and safely. During each subsequent session, your progress will be monitored and changes will be made in order to maximize the effectiveness of your program.

Qualified Trainers

Because we want you to safely meet your fitness goals, the Greater Wichita YMCA takes staff training and certifications very seriously. All YMCA fitness staff members have undergone extensive training for the fitness areas in which they work. These qualified staff are available to assist you with the information and programs you need to see results accomplish your goals.

Quantifiable Results

See your results and sessions in our Personal Training Dashboard. All your data in one place. Your certified personal trainer will upload your progress giving you obtainable goals and metrics.

Never miss a workout again with one click messaging. Traveling for work or play? Get customized on-the-go workouts for the hotel gym, office or family vacation.  

Flexible Payments

Autopay – This pay-as-you-go option automatically drafts your bank account or credit card each month. Pricing is based on the number of sessions you attend per week. *30-day notice is required to cancel.

Pay in Full – If you don’t wish to autopay, you can choose to pay for three months of sessions in advance via check, cash or credit card.  

Introductory Package - $99

YMCA Members may try out personal training and SAVE up to 33% with this one-time offer. Ask any trainer for details.

  • 3 one-hour sessions
  • Meet one-on-one with a nationally certified YMCA personal trainer 
1 Hour Sessions Monthly Draft

Pay In Full - 3 Months 

Single Session ($50/session) N/A N/A
1x weekly ($40/session) $160 $480
2x weekly ($37.50/session) $300 $900
3x weekly $420 $1,260

1/2 Hour Sessions

Single Session ($40/session) N/A N/A
1x weekly ($30/session) $120 $360
2x weekly ($27.50/session) $220 $660
3x weekly ($25/session) $300 $990
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PARTNER TRAINING, Price per Person
1 Hour Sessions Monthly Draft

Pay In Full - 3 Months 

Single Session ($35/session) N/A N/A
1x weekly ($30/session) $120 $360
2x weekly ($27.50/session) $220 $660
3x weekly ($25/session) $300 $990
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SPECIALITY GROUP TRAINING, 4+ People Required, Price Per Person
Meets 1/2 Hour 1 Hour
Monthly Draft Pay In Full - 3 Months  Monthly Draft Pay In Full - 3 Months 
1x weekly  $25 $75 $35 $105
2x weekly  $50 $150 $70 $210
3x weekly  $75 $225 $105 $315
Personal Training_Downtown


Work one-on-one with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer and design a customized exercise, fitness, aquatics, sports or strength curriculum to meet your goals. Single or multiple sessions available for 1-hour or 30 minute appointments. Discounts available for purchasing multiple sessions.

Personal Training


Work with a partner and reach your goals together. Single or multiple sessions available for 1-hour or 30 minute appointments.

Core and Abs_Group Exercise


Grab a group of 4 or more of your buddies and enlist the help of a Personal Trainer to reach your goals together. You choose the day, time and number of times per week.



Burn more fat and sculpt your body! Pilates Towers will add resistance to your mat Pilates exercises. These group training classes are limited to 3-4 participants. Personal, partner or group training fees apply.

Power Sports


Bring more power to your game with speed & agility and strength & conditioning coaching for young athletes. Open to members and community participants. For details and registration, contact powersports@ymcawichita.org.



BOGAFIT is a total body workout on water! Classes focus on total body conditioning while building core stability as you work out on water using a sturdy, inflatable mat. Group training fees apply.



Go beyond the scale with the InBody Test, a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water. Then review the results with a certified personal trainer.