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Give your child the best opportunity to reach their potential!

At the Y, we emphasize individual development and progress through skill-based curriculum, a caring environment, and attentive instructors. Your kids will not only learn skills, but also build self-confidence and character.

Our YMCA offers three levels of progression within our cheer programs to help your child receive the best opportunity for skill development.

Monthly fees paid at front desk or online. Fees for Academies and Team paid by bankdraft.


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Schedules also available as downloadable PDFs on your Y's location page:
Andover | El Dorado | Newton North | Northwest | South

Ages 4+ | Andover, El Dorado, North, Northwest, and South YMCAs

Introductory classes teach age-appropriate skills the fundamentals of cheer. Techniques taught in tumbling, stunting and cheerleading.

Cheer With Me (ages 4-5)
Participants discover basic cheer techniques as they learn arm motions, jumps, cheers and chants.

Cheer I (ages 6+)
Learn the fundamentals of cheerleading including motion techniques, jumps, stunts, cheers and chants.
- Young Beginner (ages 6-7)
- Beginner (ages 8-11)
- Teen (ages 12+)

Tumble With Me (ages 4-5)
Participants discover basic coordination skills and tumbling. No previous skills required.

Tumbling (ages 6+)
Explore the fundamentals of tumbling, advancing from rolls to round-off back handsprings and back tucks.
- Beginner - No prior tumbling experience required
- Intermediate - Must master back walkover & roundoff prior to enrollment
- Advanced - Must master front handspring & back handspring prior to enrollment

Register online or at any Greater Wichita YMCA
*PDF schedules for each location are linked above

Ages 4+ | Andover and Northwest YMCAs

Master skills in the fundamentals of cheerleading, including motion techniques, jumps, stunts, cheers and chants. Based on a 9-month curriculum, including a performance showcase. Classes begin 9/2/16. Enrollment ends 11/1/16. Ages are guidelines, placement based on skill.

Pre-cheer (ages 4-5)
Level I (ages 6-7)
Level II (ages 8-11)
Teen (ages 12+)

Register at any Greater Wichita YMCA

Ages 5-18 | Northwest YMCA

The Greater Wichita YMCA competition cheer team is a year-round commitment for dedicated cheerleaders who are ready to compete in local, regional, and national competitions. By going to competition, our cheerleaders develop confidence, character, and sportsmanship. The Greater Wichita YMCA Cheer Teams will compete throughout the year in addition to performing at community events. Auditions for competition team will be held prior to the season. Contact the Cheer Director for more information.

Minis (ages 5-8)
Youth (ages 11 & under)
Junior (ages 14 & under)
Senior (ages 18 & under)

Please contact your Cheer Director for registration