The Bel Aire Special Interest Camp partners with vendors and outside agencies within the community to provide a quality special interest experience each week with guest speakers, field trips, and hands on activities to pique your child’s special interest.

AGES: Completed kindergarten - 12 yrs

TIMES: 6:30A-6:00P M-F


WEEKS: 1-11


Enroll for Special Interest Camp at Bel Aire Recreation

Step 1. Complete required KDHE forms

Step 2. Select week of Special Interest Camp


Campers creating space art

Week 1

Leaders in a Galaxy Far, Far away -  Discover a galaxy far, far away and learn about solar systems/planets and experience the training of a Jedi by learning how to use the force inside of you and conquer challenges, develop lightsaber skills, and understand how to use these to provide balance with assistance from staff at the Kansas Cosmosphere.

Dates: May 21-May 25

Challenge: Caring

Field Trip: Kansas Cosmosphere

Price: $155 member / 175 non-member

Campers joining hands as a team

Week 2

Trade Mania & STEM Madness - Join us for a week of Stem Madness.  Campers can bring their own Pokemon cards to trade, swap and share with friends.  Campers will enjoy creating their own Pokemon characters, designing a story line and experimenting with science thru STEM activities.

Dates: May 28-June 1 (Closed 5/28)

Challenge: Respect

Field Trip: Carousel Skate

Price: $140 member / $160 non-membet

Camper building with legos

Week 3

LEGO Mania - Join us for a week of Lego Mania as we learn about using our imaginations to build/construct moving creations of your own design using Lego WeDo’s. Partnering with Exploration Place 

Dates: June 4-June 8

Challenge: Responsibility 

Price: $150 member / $170 non-member

Campers creating the perfect wand

Week 4

Wizards, Muggles and Quidditch - Calling in Muggles and Potter fans!  Practice Quidditch, find your perfect wand, let the Sorting Hat choose your house, cook up some perfect potions and more in this introduction to Wizardy. Come and join other up and coming wizards.

Dates: June 11-June 15

Challenge: Honesty

Field Trip: Augusta Castle Park

Price: $140 member / $160 non-member

Camper serving a delicious snack

Week 5

Kitchen Korner - Learn about basics of cooking and nutrition.  Campers will experiment with different cooking themes and make fun finger foods, create recipes, learn dining etiquette, and learn the values of eating fruits, vegetables and try some tasty treats that will have your taste buds singing.

Dates: June 18-June 22

Challenge: Caring

Field Trip: Downtown YMCA

Price: $140 member / $160 non-member

Campers running in a meadow

Week 6

MC 1 - Join us as we explore the world of Mining and crafting and bring game fields to life. Partnering with Exploration Place

Dates: June 25-June 29

Challenge: Respect

Price: $150 member / $170 non-member

Campers discovering the outdoors

Week 7

Outdoor Encounters - Explore the great outdoors through nature crafts, Lawn games, Trail mix, Recycling Projects/Art, Visit the Great Plains Nature Center, Fishing @ Lake Afton, and a field trip to Camp Hyde for canoeing, fishing, Smores, Wet Willie Water Slide. (Bring fishing poles)

Dates: July 2-July 6 (Closed 7/4)

Challenge: Responsibility

Field Trip: Great Plains Nature Center/Camp Hyde

Price: $140 member / $160 non-member

Campers discovering outdoor mystery

Week 8

CSI:  Mystery Science - It's fun getting to the bottom of things in this celebration of experimentation.  Solve the mystery by using scientific sleuthing.  Learn how to ask the right questions and find the right answers by collecting evidence and cracking the case.  Partnering with Exploration Place.   

Dates: July 9-July 13

Challenge: Honesty

Price: $150 member / $170 non-member

Camper building with legos

Week 9

LEGO Mania II - Imaginations soar as we experiment with Lego’s and learn create your own battle bot, then compete in a battle bot showdown using Lego Mindstorms. Partnering with Exploration Place 

Dates: July 16-July 20

Challenge: Caring

Price: $150 member / $170 non-member

Campers crafting

Week 10

MC 2 - Campers will be challenged to bring their virtual designs to life as they create their own Minecraft Character and introduce them to a world of Minecrafting fun.  Partnering with Exploration Place   

Dates: July 23-July 27

Challenge: Respect

Price: $150 member / $170 non-member


Campers pretending at the castle

Week 11

Medieval Times - Here ye, Here ye create  our own armor, design a catapult, jousting and defend the castle as we explore Knights and princesses in the tale of Chivalry and have a royal blast. 

Dates: July 30-August 3

Challenge: Responsibility

Field Trip: Local Park

Price: $140 member / $160 member