Our water classes use the lower impact and resistance of water to provide an excellent workout for all fitness levels. Classes include water arthritis exercise, prenatal, tabata, Aqua ZUMBA® & more.

Newton Pool


Experience the BEST of cardio and strength! Hydrobox crosses generations with choreography that features an edgy kickboxing flavor. Enjoy this high energy water class suited for all fitness levels.

North Pool

Water Tabata

Intense interval training comes to the pool! Push yourself with easy to follow, yet intense exercises in this new class.

South Pool

Water Works

A shallow water workout for every part of your body. Cardiovascular work, sculpting and stretching make this a terrific workout without stress to the joints!

Downtown Pool

Working Down Under

A deep water workout using float belts. Exercises for every body part will be included!

East Family Pool

Water Bootcamp

Bootcamp classes are a great way to get a FREE full-body workout with the help of a certified instructor. These circuit-based classes target results while allowing you to tailor the workout intensity to your fitness and skill level.

Arthritis Water Exercise

Arthritis Water Exercise

This class is a moderate exercise program for ambulatory people with arthritis which may sustain or improve muscular and joint mobility. Free for YMCA Members; community participants may purchase a punch card $35/10 visits.

Andover Family Pool


Known as the Zumba pool party, this class blends Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves with traditional water fitness disciplines into a safe, challenging workout.

Aqua Body Design class

Aqua Body Design

A sure-fire way to develop total body conditioning. Featuring five, 10-min. circuits for non-stop fun!