Vision 2020:
Lead the community in creating a culture of good nutrition

As part of the Greater Wichita YMCA's Vision 2020, the YMCA’s goal is to lead the community in creating a culture of good nutrition. We will help create an environment for better eating habits through YMCA programs, community collaborations, public policy advocacy, and other new healthy eating initiatives.

Our first steps toward this goal were to hire a Healthy Eating Director, conduct a community survey to gauge the perception of the Y and nutrition, and strategically begin to promote 7 Key Healthy Eating Habits.

  1. Eat breakfast
  2. Incorporate fruits & veggies
  3. Opt for low-fat dairy
  4. Choose nutritious drinks
  5. Snack healthy
  6. Eat at home/make healthy choices when dining out
  7. Balance physical activity with the energy consumed from a healthy diet

Determine some areas you can make healthy lifestyle improvements with this quick worksheet.