There will be NOTODDLER TIME in the Water Parks on WED. 6/19. Check back at 11AM for status of open swim in the WATER PARKS.

Our INDOOR POOLS ARE open regular hours. Please come inside and swim.


ATTENTION - We're looking for summer lifeguards for our indoor pools and outdoor water parks. We offer lower-cost certification and, to qualifying guards, a refund of charges.

Recreational Basketball

Youth basketball at the Y combines team play and individual skills in a fun and supportive environment. Boys & Girls develop basketball skills including passing, receiving, shooting, footwork and dribbling. Not only will children have an opportunity to improve their technique, but they'll also build social skills, gain confidence and develop leadership skills.

Register as individual players

Leagues feature:

  • 8 games per season with practices
  • Volunteer coaches
  • Focus on fundamentals and new skill development
  • All players play a minimum 1/2 of each game

Advanced Basketball

Leagues feature:

  • Competitive sports experience
  • 8 games with practices + tournament (Winter incl. pre & post tournaments)
  • Certified referees
  • Sportsmanship & YMCA core values strictly enforced
  • Equal playing time encouraged
  • Teams formed by coaches. Free agents will be placed pending availability.
  • Players without a team are placed pending availability. Players not placed are subject to full refunds or transferred to youth league.
  • Game scores and team standings maintained

Basketball Academy

Focusing on skill development, sport-specific academies are seasonal and feature:

  • Ages 6-14
  • Offered in Fall, Spring, & Summer
  • 6-week session, meets 1-2 times/week
  • 30 minutes of clinic-style instruction followed by 30 minutes of scrimmages

Adult Basketball

Offering leagues for coed, men and women in three skill level divisions:

  • C - No skill required. Play, learn & have fun!
  • B - Competitive former high school players.
  • A - Highly competitive former pro or college players.

Leagues Features:

  • 8 games per season.
  • Teams/players divided by skill level


Now, register your child for a sport by age. New age divisions allow you to grow with your team or favorite coach, play on the same team as a sibling or friend, or place your athlete into an older division to encourage higher skill development. 

Ex: Jonah, age 5, wants to play on the same team as his friend, Bryce, age 6. Jonah could play in 6U but Bryce could not play in 5U.

Cut-off Date: 9/1 (all sports except soccer & volleyball)
(Advanced Sports: 8/1)


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