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You don't have to leave the midwest to have a fun climbing or bouldering experience. Visit a climbing wall or tower at the Y!

Try the North YMCA's climbing wall or take on the over 45 ft. high climbing towers at the Andover and Northwest YMCAs.

Climbing Walls

Climbing walls and towers are open for use during normal facility hours for recreational bouldering or belay-certified climbing. Belay classes are offered, and we will supply all the gear you will need whenever you feel the urge to leave the ground!

Climbing Classes

Climbing Wall Class (ages 4+). Learn the basics of climbing or progress to advanced climbing techniques through a variety of classes and levels.

Family Climbing Classes (ages 4+). Parents and children can work side by side as they learn the basics of climbing or progress to advanced climbing techniques.

Belay Certification (ages 11+). Members receive belay certification after completing an up-to-4 hour class and passing a retention check.

Auto Belay Certification (ages 11+). Auto belay systems allow you to belay yourself. Training and certifications available.