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The Greater Wichita YMCA strives to create a safe, fun, and encouraging environment for children to develop as swimmers. In addition to teaching swimming skills, our instructors are passionate about creating a positive atmosphere that encourages our students to be courteous, respectful, responsible, and confident individuals and athletes.

Swimming is great exercise, a challenging sport, effective therapy, a valuable life skill, and just plain fun. There’s nowhere better to learn than the Y, where we’ve been helping all ages to swim for more than 100 years. Our classes are about more than just teaching techniques, they’re about building confidence and nurturing potential, progressing with your needs and abilities, from introductory to competitive.

Our YMCA offers three levels of progression within our aquatics programs to help your child receive the best opportunity for skill development.

Monthly fees paid at front desk or online. Fees for Academies and Swim Team paid by bankdraft.

Swim Starters

Introduce your baby to the aquatics environment through exploration and encourage them to enjoy themselves while learning about the water. Parents are guided to work with their child to explore fundamental safety and aquatics skills. PARENT PARTICIPATION REQUIRED.

Swim Starters Class

Water Discovery (ages 6 mos-2)

All locations

Meets 1x/week, 30 min class

Swim Lessons

Water Exploration (ages 2-3)

All locations

Meets 1x/week, 30 min class

Swim Lessons

Enroll your child in swim lessons based on his/her current age, and the Y’s new swim lesson curriculum will ensure your swimmer is receiving the proper level of instruction.

From beginners to seasoned swimmers, kids will become comfortable in the pool, develop personal safety, and progress through aquatics skills that focus on body position, control, forward movement, rotary breathing, integrated arm & leg action, swim stroke technique, and all major competitive strokes.

With six levels that advance kids from swim basics to swim strokes, your child is on the way to a safe and fun life in the water! Child’s level is based on mastery of required skills and will be determined by the instructor on the first day of class.

Private Swim Lessons: Meet with a certified YMCA swim instructor for one-on-one instruction. Available for any age group and any skill level. A great weekly or one-time option.

  • Privates: $20/member/30 minutes
  • Semi-Privates: $15/member/30 minutes
Swim Lessons Little Boy

Preschool Swim 1-4 (ages 3-5)

All Locations, 45 Minutes 

  • Swim Basics
    • Lvl 1 - Water Acclimation
    • Lvl 2 - Water Movement
    • Lvl 3 - Water Stamina
  • Swim Strokes
    • Lvl 4 - Stroke Introduction
Swim Lessons Boy

School-Age Swim 1-6 (ages 6+)

All Locations, 45 Minutes 

  • Swim Basics
    • Lvl 1 - Water Acclimation
    • Lvl 2 - Water Movement
    • Lvl 3 - Water Stamina
  • Swim Strokes
    • Lvl 4 - Stroke Introduction
    • Lvl 5 - Stroke Development
    • Lvl 6 - Stroke Mechanics
Swim Lessons

Swim Academy (ages 6-18)

Meets 2x/week | 45 min class
Andover & Northwest YMCAs

Focus will be on intensive swim skill development, as swimmers continue to build confidence in the water. If you want to master the major swim strokes and develop as a competitive athlete, this is the program for you. Levels I-III available, with classes offered throughout the year.

Requires Aquatics Director approval

Register at your local Y

Andover Swim Team

Teen Swim (ages 12-17)

Meets 1x/week | 45 min class
Downtown, El Dorado, & South YMCAs

For first-time to seasoned swimmers, teens will focus on the fundamentals, stroke development, breathing, endurance, and water safety.

Neptunes Competitive Swim Team

Swim Team (ages 6-18)

Practices organized by swim team
Andover & Northwest YMCAs

Swimmers train year-round on stroke development, swimming skills and team building. Compete at local, state and national levels as part of the USA Swimming and Missouri Valley Swimming Associations.

To tryout, or for more information, contact:

Andover YMCA Allstars: Al Stephenson - 733.9622 x1726

Northwest YMCA Neptunes: Nate Jensen - 260.9622

Neptunes Competitive Swim Team

Adult Swim (ages 18+)

Meets 1x/week | 45 min class
All locations

Develop and improve safety skills and swim strokes as you grow your swimming abilities.

East Lap Pool

Swim Club

Challenge yourself in our 100-mile swim club. Record your laps throughout the year and earn a t-shirt for achieving 100 miles. Available at all YMCAs. Free to Y members.

Adult Swim Lessons

Junior Lifeguard Swim Lessons

Pre Team Swim Lessons

Preschool Swim Lessons

Preschool Swim Lessons-2 Week

Preschool Swim Lessons-2 Weeks

Private Lessons 1

Private Lessons 2

Private Swim Lessons

School Age Swim Lessons

School Age Swim Lessons-2 Week

Semi Private Swim Lessons

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Swim Academy Level 1

Swim Academy Level 2 & 3

Swim Academy Level I

Swim Academy Level II

Swim Academy Level III

Teen Swim Lessons

Water Discovery Swim Lessons

Water Exploration Swim Lessons