Vision 2020

Mobilizing the community for a healthier future

The YMCA will drive an effort to make the greater Wichita area one of the nations' leading regions for healthy lifestyles, strong kids and caring communities.

Here's our 2020 vision for changing lives and changing communities:

1. Be recognized as our community’s #1 service organization

We will increase the percentage of area residents naming the Y as the non-profit organization best serving the community from 25% to 35%.

2. Maximize program opportunities to serve 325,000 kids and adults

We will increase participation from 265,000 to 325,000 area kids and adults by maximizing program opportunities made possible by the Every Kid Capital Campaign.

3. Mobilize Y participants to contribute 1 million hours of community service

The Y serves nearly half the community and more than 5,000 volunteers contribute 85,000 hours of time per year. We plan to help our participants give back 1 million hours to their community through outreach projects and partnerships with local nonprofits. Learn more.

4. Lead the community in creating a culture of good nutrition

We will help create an environment for better eating habits through YMCA programs, community collaborations, public policy advocacy, and other new nutrition initiatives. Learn more.

Learn more: Vision 2020 | Our Strategy