HOLIDAY CLOSURE - Easter Sunday - Sun. April 21, 2019

REMINDER - All Greater Wichita YMCA branch locations will be CLOSED on SUNDAY, APRIL 21 to recognize Easter. We encourage our members, staff, volunteers - and the entire community to spend the day with family and friends.


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Weekly Themes at Adventure Camp

ACTIVITY CLUBS - does not offer field trips

Andover YMCA, 5/28-8/10


East YMCA, 5/21-8/10

Northwest YMCA, 5/21-8/10

El Dorado YMCA, 5/28-8/3

South YMCA, 5/21-8/10


Enroll for YMCA Adventure Camps

Step 1. Complete required KDHE forms

Step 2. Select weeks for Adventure Camps

Aloha Summer at summer day camp

Week 1

Aloha Summer - Greet the summer with island fun, participate in sand art, limbo, tug of war, wacky relays, tropical foods and jam to island music with our Hawaiian t-shirts at the Luau. Let's welcome Summer 2018!

Dates: May 21-May 25

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Local Park

Challenge: Caring

Wacky Wednesday: Luau Gear

Camp kids building craft

Week 2

A Galaxy Far, Far Away - Discovering The Jedi in You.   Explore the galaxy’s solar system great unknowns, learn to use the force to assist you through obstacles/challenges, develop your lightsaber skills and create your own edible light saber. Experience the true training of a Jedi and help restore order.

Dates: May 28-June 1 (Closed 5/28)

Price: $110 member / $116 non-member

Field Trip: Kansas Cosmosphere

Challenge: Respect

Wacky Wednesday: Star Wars

Campers after a flour war

Week 3

Mad Science and Grossology - Slippery GAK slime, Watch volcanoes erupt, Flour Wars, Dingdong Baseball, Bubble Snakes, Discover Oobleck and watch colors separate before your eyes.

Dates: June 4-June 8

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Exploration Place

Challenge: Responsibility 

Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Socks

Kids creating tye-dye shirts

Week 4

Color Wars - Divide into teams and compete throughout the week in challenges/Twisted Sports games like Balloon Baseball, Monkey Soccer, Noodle Monster, Slip n Slide Kickball, and Water Balloon Volleyball.  Enjoy making color team flags and compete in the Color Wars. (Bring a t-shirt to tye dye)  

Dates: June 11-June 15

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Sedgwick County Park

Challenge: Honesty

Wacky Wednesday: Wear your favorite team

Campers enjoying a STEAM project

Week 5

Full Steam Ahead - Interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math?  This week of activities involve hands on interactive projects introducing students to Stem projects.  Figure out how things work by working in teams to investigate, explore and problem solve.  Activities to stimulate the mind will vary but promise to encourage engagement and imagination.

Dates: June 18-June 22

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Carousel Skate Center

Challenge: Respect 

Wacky Wednesday: Backwards Day

Campers exploring the outdoors

Week 6

Outdoor Adventures (Deaf and Hard of Hearing week at Camp Hyde) - Experience the great outdoors with Nature crafts, tasty concoctions over a fire, lawn games, Floatable inventions, Ultimate Frisbee, Science of Nature and enjoy the camp BBQ   (Parents invited to BBQ Bash).

Dates: June 25-June 29

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Camp Hyde (Bring swimsuit & fishing pole)

Challenge: Responsibility 

Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hat

Celebrating the USA

Week 7

Party in the USA - Each day is a party as we celebrate our Nation's Birthday with Water Melon Contests, Water Gun Wars, Create party hats/confetti and have a Dance party with a Sock Hop/Disco/Cupid Shuffle mix.

Dates: July 2-July 6 (Closed 7/4)

Price: $100 member / $116 non-member

Field Trip: Andover YMCA Waterparks

Challenge: Caring

Wacky Wednesday: Groovy 70s/80s Gear

Campers playing pirates

Week 8

Wizards, Knights and Pirates - Creating your own wand and playing Quidditch, designing a catapult/jousting and defending the castle from Dragons or creating your own Pirate flag/eyepatch and searching for hidden treasures this week promises to unveil adventures that will provide an experience not soon forgotten. 

Dates: July 9-July 13

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Museum of World Treasures

Challenge: Respect

Wacky Wednesday: Dress as a Superhero

Campers exploring for precious stones

Week 9

Survivor: Mission Impossible - Your mission if you choose to accept it -  Decipher codes, Analyze fingerprints, Scavenger Hunt to find clues, Solve mazes/obstacle courses, Minute to Win it games, Relay/food challenges and support your team on the Survivor Challenge Game Day and prove you are a Survivor.

Dates: July 16-July 20

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Riverside Park

Challenge: Responsibility

Wacky Wednesday: Pajama Day

Campers getting their groove on with hula hoops

Week 10

Creative Talent - What is your creative talent?  Join us for a week of self discovery as we explore our talents thru games/crafts, singing/performing skits, creating the next thingamajig, and conclude with a Camp wide talent show.  (Parents are welcome to attend the Talent Show – check with Camp Director for more details). 

Dates: July 23-July 27

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: City Arts

Challenge: Honesty

Wacky Wednesday: Moustache Day

Campers canoeing adventure

Week 11

Passport - Pack your bags as we go on a fantastic journey “around the world”. “Travel” to different places by learning games, crafts, recipes and stories from all over the world, concluding with a camp carnival/festival.

Dates: July 30-August 3

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Nature Center

Character: Caring

Wacky Wednesday: Crazy Hair Day

Camper girlfriends

Week 12

Camp Rewind - What was your favorite experience of Summer 2018? Relive summer as we enjoy the highlights of Ding Dong baseball, Water Gun Wars, Noodle Monster/Monkey Soccer, Minute to win it and say farewell to Summer 2018.

Dates: August 6-August 10

Price: $125 member / $145 non-member

Field Trip: Northwest YMCA Waterparks (East YMCA camp will field trip to YMCA Camp Hyde)

Challenge: Respect

Wacky Wednesday: Mannequin Challenge