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Worksite Wellness Coaching

With local management & support, the Y is a
one-stop-shop for your company’s wellness program.

The YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program takes behavior change to your worksite!

YMCA trained Coaches will visit with employees onsite during pre-determined days and times to work on health improvements through a convenient, confidential, and comfortable interaction with a health and wellness professional.  Employees are able to choose the behaviors or risk factors they wish to improve and work at their best pace to achieve long term improvements, instead of a quick fix.  YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaches promote and engage employees in worksite wellness initiatives and refer to additional health management programs and resources when necessary.

Our Coaches and Corporate Service team aid in the development and implementation of your worksite wellness plan to create a culture of wellness where the healthy choice can be the easy choice.  With local support and management, our team provides a one of a kind service.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Program includes:

  • Administrative support from the YMCA Corporate Service Team
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching at the worksite (frequency and time dependent on company size and needs)
  • Wellness program initiatives, including wellness challenges, workshops, incentive program development and management, wellness committee facilitation and more!
  • Wellness program marketing through the Better Today Campaign materials
  • Biometric screenings and health assessments

To learn more about the YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Coaching program,
contact Lianna Fry | 316-776-8183 | Email

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