Our members look to us for help with personal training and more - we're pleased to introduce Nutrition Coaching to our offerings.

As an extension of our commitment to healthy spirit, mind, and body for all in the community - we have expanded our nutrition expertise. First with the hiring of Nutrition staff and now, based on popular request, adding Nutrition Coaching to our services. Coaches work, one-on-one, with clients over the course of nine, customized sessions to help improve food and nutrition knowledge. While we don't offer meal planning services - we do offer a better literacy of nutrition and food including:

  • How to recognize internal food cues
  • Understanding portion sizes
  • Strategies for portion and craving/appetite control
  • Tips for revising and resetting food habits
  • Dialogue on meal prep, food planning and scheduling

Our Nutrition Coaching program also features TWO InBody Scan Analysis (one at the beginning, one at the end of each series of sessions) that help establish a baseline and measure results and impact over the course of an engagement.

Nutrition Coaching costs $198 for nine sessions that can be paid once or, for members with AutoDraft, three monthly payments of $66.

To learn more about our Nutrition Coaching or to start the process - click here.

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Apr. 1, 2019