• Fundamentals of dance and classroom etiquette in tap, jazz and ballet
  • Classroom behavioral skills, coordination, a working knowledge of dance to progress to the next level
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Classes meet once per week
  • One month commitment - sign up monthly for ages 2 and up
  • Classes offered: Hop Skip Jump, Wiggles and Giggles, Dance with Me, Young Beginner, Beginner, and Teen

Dance Academy

  • Progression of technique in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and pointe
  • Progression in class structure, etiquette, and choreography
  • Improve strength, flexibility, coordination while building confidence and friendships
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Performance at Spring recital
  • Class fees payable via bankdraft
  • Online enrollment not available, visit your local YMCA to register Classes offered: Creative Movement, Pre-Dance I and II, Academy I-IV Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop

Music Theatre

Performers will be taught the 3-disciplines of musical theater; singing, acting and dancing. All skill levels are welcomed, and your child will build self-confidence in their stage abilities. All will have the opportunity to audition and be given a role to participate in the Spring Recital at the end of the session.

Level I - Ages 6-9 (60 min. class)
Level II - Ages 10+ (90 min. class)

Dance Company

  • Progression of advanced dance skills, techniques and choreography
  • Continue to build strength, flexibility and memorization skills, while developing sportsmanship
  • Dedicated dancers will compete in local, regional and national talent competitions
  • Performances at community events and Spring recital in May
  • Contact your Dance Director for fees, class times/frequency
  • Yearly commitment